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Winner of the 2018 “Let’s Make a Western” contests

Sponsored by the “New Mexico Film Foundation”

Blackdom, New Mexico is a historically forgotten metropolis. Established by a group of “Mason’s”, “Preachers”, “Buffalo soldiers” and a silver-tongued, quick-witted Madame named Mittie Moore. Her land holdings made her the most important person in the Blackdom cabal; this group built the Blackdom Oil Company.  Mittie was famous for her time as owner of a “house of ill repute—a “crib a Bawdy house in Roswell on the 200 block of South Virginia Street. Mittie’s infamy grew out of her ability to avoid prosecution and operate with virtual impunity as she repeatedly earned dismissals in various cases brought before a multitude of courts. Her first major case went before New Mexico’s newly minted Supreme Court. Her win established her as a force. Mittie’s iconoclastic existence helped usher in an era of White Supremacy that grew out of Roswell’s unique ecosystem. Mittie seized the opportunities before her and built a bridge as she navigated between two societies dominated by Southern cultures, one Black in Blackdom and the other White in Roswell.

Our TV series would employ hundreds of New Mexicans for multiple seasons.  Based on: “The Significance of the Afro-Frontier in American History, Blackdom, Barratry, and the Bawdyhouses in the Borderland 1900-1930” by Timothy E. Nelson


Our show has 4 major attachments.

Emmy nominated Actor Bokeem Woodbine,

(Fargo, Spider Man, Main Justice)

Actor Quintin Aaron

(Blind Side,1982, Gods of Medicine)

Actor Steven Michael Quezada

(Breaking Bad, Outlaws and Angels)

Actor Glenn Plummer

(South Central, Imperial Dreams)